PyCon Iran 2022
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Call for Proposal

We are very excited to be gathering for PyCon Iran! PyCon Iran is seeking speakers of all experience levels and backgrounds to contribute to our conference program! If you use Python professionally, as a hobbyist, or are just excited about Python or programming and open source communities, we’d love to hear from you.

Everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal, regardless of experience level. We’re looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: programming from novice to advanced levels, applications and frameworks, or how you have been involved in introducing Python into your organization.

Please also forward this Call for Proposals to anyone that you feel may be interested.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission

We will accept a broad range of presentations, from reports on academic and commercial projects to case studies. As long as the presentation is interesting and potentially useful to the Python community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program.

Can you show something new and useful? Can you show the attendees how to use a module? Explore a Python language feature? Package an application? If so, please consider submitting a talk.

There are multiple kinds of contributions that you can present at PyCon Iran; Before writing up a proposal, read the following descriptions of the three kinds of presentations at PyCon Iran — Talks, Tutorials / Workshops and Lightning Talks — and follow the individual guidelines for the proposal kind that best suits your topic.


These are standard “talks with slides”, allocated in slots of:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes

Most talks are 30 minutes long, but we do offer a limited number of 45-minute slots for important topics that promise to benefit from a more extensive treatment. Please choose a time slot you see most suitable to keep your presentation compact (so the audience can follow it without getting bored).

Tutorials / Workshops

Hand-on, deep-dive into a subject with all details. Training attendees are encouraged to actively follow the training on their PCs/laptops. These sessions are approx. 3 hours long. As with the talks, we are looking for tutorials that can grow this community at any level. We aim for tutorials that will advance Python, advance this community, and shape the future.

Attention full-time trainers: Please bring your coursework to PyCon Iran. Educators can bring their show on the road, so show us what you have on the syllabus.

Lightning Talks

A lightning talk (LT) is a short presentation which must not be longer than 5 minutes. You may talk about / present (almost) everything with certain boundaries:

  • no promotion for products of companies, no call for ‘we are hiring’ (but you may name your employer)
  • conference announcements are limited to one minute only
  • one LT per person per conference policy: everyone who has not given a LT at this year’s conference, yet, is ahead of you in the queue
  • keep it short, the shorter the presentations, the more people can give a talk

Recording Release Agreement

Part of PyCon Iran’s purpose is to generate materials to help with Python education all over the world, so we intend to record all PyCon Iran presentations and release the recordings on the web.

We also ask all speakers to:

  • accept the video recording of their presentation
  • upload their talk materials to the PyCon Iran website
  • allow the PyCon Iran to make the talk recordings and uploaded materials available under a CC BY-NC-SA license

To simplify the organization, we ask all speakers to accept the video recording and publishing of their session. All talks will be recorded.Talk slides will be made available on the PyCon Iran website. Talk video recordings will be uploaded to the PyCon Iran YouTube channel and other platforms.

Where to Submit Your Proposal

As with all proposal types, we are really looking to you to talk about what’s going on in this community and tell everyone where it is going. If you are doing something awesome, share it!

Due to the competitive selection process, we encourage prospective speakers to submit their proposals as early as possible. For further questions and finally submitting your proposal, feel free to contact us via email, until Saturday October 22.